JKV CEO Gerry Stryker’s Reflections on Community’s Successes and Achieving 60 Years Young

As we celebrate Summer at JKV I’m excited to share my reflections within the achievements in our Master Vision Site Plan and the significance it has made in JKV’s brand awareness and elevated positioning in the markets we serve.


The formal ribbon-cutting openings of the Welcome and Innovation Center, Aquatic Complex and The Center For Healthy Living have truly showcased the importance of Innovation (Vision & Entrepreneurial Spirit), the power of partnerships and how discerning prospects evaluate their future lifestyle aspirations, quality and purposeful longevity. 

JKV has served our greater communities for nearly 54 years. Lifestyle needs, wants and desires have certainly changed over these decades.

The hallmark of JKV’s success continues to be listening and learning from its current and future residents, staff and engagement with our greater community.

Our Master Vision Site Plan was created over five years ago. The contributions of our residents, staff, Board of Directors and various professionals and City of Pompano Beach officials have made it a reality.

Westlake apartment building project opening in 2024 will complete our Phase 2 transformation.


The original master plan identified nine phases of future redevelopment. We are currently in Phase 2. The opening of the Pavilion in the 1st Quarter of 2022 and the Westlake apartment building project—opening in 2024— will complete our Phase 2 transformation.

In a recent Long Range Planning meeting with residents, our Director of Operations, Thom Price, provided an overview of the infrastructure improvements that are also being updated. This includes new waterlines for increased residential capacity and fire protection, conservation and efficiency of utilities, sewer, drainage, lighting, and ultimately campus walkability to enjoy our lakes, gardens and the botanical nature of our 70 plus acre community.

This transformation has been realized through the power of partnerships. Our owner-architect William (Bill) Gallo, CEO of Gallo Herbert Architects, has been guiding JKV’s Master Vision Site Plan creation and execution since our planning stages for The Woodlands (the first Life Plan Community Green House® model of care, which opened in 2016).

Perkins Eastman Architects, EDSA Landscape Architects, Keith and Associates Civil Engineering, Moss Construction and many other professionals have contributed to our Master Vision Site Plan.

Our recent opening of the first CFHL to serve residents, staff and (hopefully soon) our greater community was achieved with Johns Hopkins Healthcare Solutions, Everside Health and our local Holy Cross Health System.

The support of our Broward County Commissioner Lamar Fisher, Pompano Beach Mayor Rex Hardin, District 5 City Commissioner Cyndy Floyd have been extremely helpful in supporting our Master Vision Site Plan.

City Manager Greg Harrison, Zoning Director David Recor, Building Inspector Mike Ratta and Fire Marshall Pete McGinnis, along with the Economic Development Council and the Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce have all made the plan a reality.

The expression, “It takes a Village to realize a Vision,” is certainly true at JKV.

As I reflect on my journey at JKV, I am grateful to have achieved almost nine years in leading this incredible organization. In May I celebrated my 60th Birthday!

Over the course of 36 years of my professional career I remember a resident comment early on in my first community…“You’re a little young to be having this administrative responsibility.“

While residents do not share this statement anymore, they do inspire me at 60 to: “Live each day, because tomorrow is not promised.”

They look me in the eyes, and often with an affectionate hug, then whisper, “Go for it Ger! Keep making it happen!”

The daily encouragement and prayers are greatly appreciated and a powerful testament to Why JKV is a Great Place to Work, Live and Play!

Gerald Stryker, President/CEO