JKV and GroovyTek’s Top Technology Travel Tips for Staying Connected and Organized

As more people look to get out on the road and travel again, we figured we would share a few technology tips to work into any pre-trip planning. All of these tips and ideas can be explained any time you stop by the JKV GroovyTek Bar for a complimentary consultation with a GroovyTek trainer.

Airline Tickets

No more waiting for a travel agent to offer you an itinerary. Use travel and booking websites to book the cheapest and shortest flights. Analyze flight reviews, sort by duration or value, or see the price difference for booking on different days of the week. Also, use airline apps to ensure mileage credits, easy access to boarding passes, in-flight entertainment, and more.



Avoid taxi lines and rental cars by using Uber or Lyft once you reach your destination. Use maps and GPS on your phone to navigate narrow European streets. Share special places you discovered, including where you got that delicious croissant by dropping a pin and sharing it. Track how many miles you walk each day as well as how many flights of stairs you covered while touring.


Staying in Touch

While we advocate unplugging while away, there are times you would like to stay in touch or check-in. Use your smartphone to chat face to face with friends or family back home for free. Read the latest news from the NY Times from a news app. Text for free while on Wi-Fi. Use What’s App to connect with local drivers, tour guides, and more. Avoid roaming fees by disabling cellular service for certain apps. Explore a travel data plan from your cell phone provider.



Before you leave, download a TV series, movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and more. Watch shows anytime on your trip, even on the plane without Wi-Fi. Download books on your tablet or kindle to read on the train or while waiting in a long line (or queue, depending on where you find yourself): Save news stories on your phone to read anytime, even when not connected to Wi-Fi.


Cameras and Photos

Don’t worry anymore about bringing extra rolls of film or waiting to see how your pictures turn out. Use your smartphone camera as your one-stop for all of your photo needs. Set up albums for different days and destinations, share real-time updates to friends and family with text attachments or social media posts. Explore and understand how to use filters and edits so that you can crop, edit and alter any picture you take.



Due to new websites such as Airbnb, it has become more common for travelers to look outside hotels for their lodging options. Compare rates, rooms, features, and more before you book accommodations. Find the right fit for you. Having a washer and dryer can change the way you pack and travel. Having a kitchen to make breakfast or lunches can help save money and have you experience more of a destination like a local.


To learn more about GroovyTek visit their website. GroovyTek is a four-year-old company that takes a personalized approach— anchored in respect and patience—to help people become confident navigating personal technology independently and on their own terms.