We Don’t Know Them All, But We Owe Them All

In honor of Veterans Day, here is a list of all known John Knox Village resident-veterans as of deadline for this issue of the November- December Village Voice.

If you are not included but wish to be added to a follow-up listing in the January-February 2021 Village Voice, please email or call Rob Seitz, JKV Communications Manager with your name, military branch and rank.

He can be reached at rseitz@jkvfl.com or (954) 784-4741.

Thank you…We are free because you were brave.

John P. “Jack” Adams U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant
William Allison U.S. Navy
Robert Aron U.S. Army Corporal
Emerson Allsworth U.S. Navy Seaman
Christian Aubanel U.S. Army
Non-commissioned Officer
Pierre “Pete” Audet U.S. Army Captain
Ronald Ault U.S. Army Captain
Stanley Bagush U.S. Air Force
Robert Banks U.S. Navy Fireman
Charles Barrette U.S. Air Force A 1C
John Barron U.S. Army 1st Lieutenant
Thomas Barrows U.S. Navy Sailor
David Bayer U.S. Navy Captain
Frederic J. Bednarek U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class PH2
Carl Boomhower U.S. Army Corporal
Russell Brandon U.S. Navy
Milbrey “Otto” Burgett U.S. Marine Corps Corporal
Ross Claiborne U.S. Army
Earl Clark U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant
Peter Cole U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer
Robert Collier U.S. Army 1st Special Forces
Medical Corps
Larry Culler U.S. Air Force Captain
Bill Davidson U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander
Ron Davis U.S. Army Specialist 1st Class
George Dewell U.S. Navy Seaman Apprentice
Ted Dolinski U.S. Navy Electronics Maint. Officer
Dustin Dunn U.S. Coast Guard E5, 2nd Class Petty Officer
Russell O. Eckert U.S. Army Corporal
Roy Evans U.S. Navy Lieutentant
Paul Fasana U.S. Army
Dr. Michael Featherstone U.S. Army Specialist 4th Class
Charles Fick U.S. Army
Samuel Fulwood U.S. Air Force Airman First Class
John Furlano U.S. Army Corporal
Ray Gambino U.S. Navy
Howard “Gil” Gilman U.S. Air Force Airman
John “Jack” Halligan U.S Army E5 – Specialist
Dana Hardy U.S. Army Specialist E-5
Donald Harris
Emmerson Harris U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class
Thomas Holm U.S. Navy Electrician’s Tech 3C
Robert Hubbard U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant
Murray Hunter Canadian Navy Engineering Technician
Charles Hunziker U.S. Navy YNT3 – ‘Yeoman (typist)
Petty Officer 3rd Class
K.Denny Inouye U.S. Army Staff Sergeant
Curtis Iverson U.S. Army Specialist 1st Class
Frank Jaeger U.S. Navy Seaman 1st Class
Alexander Jenkins U.S. Navy Lieutenant JG
Herbert Johnson U.S. Air Force
Thomas Johnston British Army – 2nd Lieutenant
3rd Carbiniers
Clyde W. “Bill” Jones U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander
Faye Kartrude U.S. Air Force 1st Lieutenant
Nurse Corps
Murray Kaufman
Robert “Bob” Kauth U.S. Army Sargeant 1st Class
Thomas Keenan U.S. Army Corporal
Robert Kelly U.S. Air Force
Samuel Kessell U.S. Coast Guard
Nelson Kilmer U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class
Elmer “Fred” Kleingartner U.S. Navy Lt. Commander
Dr. George Kling U.S. Army Captain
Medical Corp.
Chris Lamberton U.S. Marine Corps Corporal
Donald Lampe U.S. Navy Seaman 1st Class
Eddie Lawrence U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer
Norm Liedtke U.S. Navy Lieutenant JG
Dr.Paul Loree U.S. Army Captain Medical Corps
Mack MacVicar U.S. Army Master Sergeant
John Mandt U.S. Marine Corps Corporal
June Maurer U.S. Army Air Forces Corporal
Charles McDermid U.S. Army Corporal
William McDougald U.S. Air Force Private First Class
Thomas McDowell U.S. Navy Lieutenant
Ben McKinney U.S. Navy Lieutenant JG
Stephen McMillan U.S. Army Captain
Howard E. McPherson U.S. Army Sergeant
Richard Mellett U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Lt. Colonel
Charles Mennes U.S. Navy Ensign
Martin Menter U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class, Weather
James Meyer U.S. Army Corporal Medical Corps
August Miller U.S. Navy Lt. Commander
Kenneth Moore U.S. Army
Abigail “Gail” Morrison U.S. Air Force Lieutenant
James “Russ” Murphy, Jr. U.S. Air Force Captain
John Murphy U.S. Air Force Captain
Patrick Noon U.S. Navy
Emerson Oberlin U.S. Army Specialis 4th Class
Robert Owens U.S. Army Private First Class
James Onoprienko U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
William Pace U.S. Army 2nd Lieutenant
Nels “Ray” Pearson U.S. Army Sergeant
George Percival U.S. Army Sergeant E-6
Frank Perkins U.S. Army Corporal
Ronald Poggio U.S. Army Specialist 4th Class
Sidney W. Porter U.S. Army Sergeant E-5
Joe Rahll U.S. Army Air Force 1st Lieutenant
Liebert “Lee” Robin U.S. Army
Jorge Rodriguez U.S. Army Corporal
Hugh E. Root U.S. Army Signal Corps Corporal
Mae Schweter U.S. Army WAC Sergeant
David R. Seibert U.S. Army 1st Lieutenant
Frank Shulman U.S. Army Private First Class
Dave Slack U.S. Air Force
Mary Snedeker U.S. Naval Reserve Commander
David Somers U.S. Army Corporal
Leroy Sparks U.S. Army
William Spears U.S. Army
Edward Speirs U.S. Navy Lt. Commander
Jed Sprague U.S. Air Force Staff Sargeant
Edwin Stevens U.S. Navy
Robert Talley U.S. Army
Joel Terzich U.S. Army Corporal
David Thomson U.S. Army Private First Class
John Thompson U.S. Army Secialist 6 Security Agency
James Tilbrook U.S. Army
Sam Townsend U.S. Navy Hopital Corpsman
John Vaughn U.S. Army Corporal
Harry Vordermeier U.S. Air Force Lietenant Colonel
Joe Wakeman U.S. Navy Seaman 2nd Class
Anthony (Tony) Walk U.S. Air Force Major
Harold Young U.S. Navy
William A. Zeiher U.S. Army 1st Lieutenant
Charles E. Zilly U.S. Navy Yeoman 2nd Class