Gazette – February 2018 – Presidential Second Acts

On Monday the 19th, we celebrate Presidents’ Day. We are aware of the high points of their lives as Commanders in Chief, but what do they do during and after their four or eight-year terms in office to relieve their stress? Being among the most powerful people in the world, with the responsibility for the well-being of millions of lives, is the most challenging of jobs and not for the fainthearted. To combat the stress of power and to relax, many of our presidents have taken up hobbies unrelated to their daily work. John Quincy Adams enjoyed painting, Bill Clinton played a mean saxophone and had a passion for The New York Times’ crossword puzzles. John Kennedy loved the sea and found peace in sailing. President Trump can often be found on the golf course. Presidents Eisenhower, Ford and Obama have also all used the fairways and putting greens to relax. Here are a few stories of our presidents who found creativity in artistry.

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