Gazette – April 2018 – Golden Anniversary Couples

White pillars bedecked with baby-blue bows formed an aisle winding through banquet tables crowded with friends on Feb. 6, as John Knox Village marked its 50 years by recognizing 15 couples from JKV and surrounding communities who also celebrated 50 years – of marriage. The wedding vow renewal ceremony is part of John Knox Village’s year-long 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee. As their names were announced, along with a warm memory from their Big Day, each couple entered to a piano accompaniment, carrying a wedding photo. Some were dressed in wedding regalia, others a bit more casually. All wore self-conscious smiles. Jim and Barbara Meyer, celebrating 60 years of marriage, recalled that they were at Florida Southern College when, as the moon rose over the lake, Jim proposed. David Thomson, in a dapper suit, pushed elegantly dressed Janet, in her wheelchair up the aisle, and their daughter helped Janet to her feet and lovingly work her way into David’s arms for the first dance. The Thomsons celebrated their 61 years of marriage. With four children and nine grandchildren, the Thomsons moved to John Knox Village about five years ago. “We didn’t want to have any of our kids have to care for us if one, or both, of us became sick,” David said. “In retrospect, it has turned out to be the right move.”


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