By Marty Lee, Contributor

Presentation on JKV Connect

John Knox Village Production & Technology Coordinator Nick Sconiers provided residents with information on utilizing the Village’s new portal—JKVConnect.

John Knox Village residents wanted a better way to connect and they got it— JKVConnect.

JKVConnect, uses state-of-the-art technology from Caremerge, a Chicago, IL-based company, for its resident engagement portal to allow current residents to view information about programming, dining menus, sign-ups for activities and other important community documents.

Staying connected is easier than ever

This technology will be yet another method to keeping JKV’s nearly 1,000 residents in the know. Additionally, JKVConnect saves staff hours of time by automating management and maintenance duties. JKV’s Life Enrichment team can quickly schedule activities, get-togethers and other community events and quickly alert everyone at JKV.

Among its many benefits, JKVConnect will allow residents to manage their daily calendars, request assistance from the Maintenance Department and check the community page, all from the same dashboard.

“With residents ranging in age from their 60s to our 17 centenarians there is not a one-size-fits-all method to communicating with everyone, JKV Communications Manager Rob Seitz told The Village Voice. “For some, a pen is their ‘computer,’ and then for a vast majority of others their appetite to embrace the best and newest technologies is ravenous.”

This new method of communication is the result of three years’ worth of work by a JKV Resident Engagement Task Force, which consisted of residents, working in conjunction with staff, including Nicholas Sconiers, JKV Production & Technology Coordinator.

Sconiers has been providing general overviews to residents in groups as well as more individualized training sessions on how the platform looks, as well as snapshots of how it will be able to help residents.

“With JKVConnect, the user controls what information to see and how long to see it before looking for anything else,” said resident Art Battista, a member of the Village Communications Committee as well as being involved in the JKVConnect pilot program. “The longer [we] have it, the more robust it will become. I see it as a means of emergency communications. It’s also the easiest way to see Village news quickly and immediately. Residents will be able to find contact information about other residents and village personnel. Residents can also be notified if an event is cancelled.”

While on a 17-day cruise from Dubai to Singapore, East Lake apartment resident Elizabeth Cobb, said she stays up to date on the Village’s goings-on through JKVConnect.

“Residents can easily send messages to other residents and to staff,” said the Resident Engagement Task Force participant. “I will use this [JKVConnect] on all available platforms [computer, tablet, phone, Alexa], but mostly on my smartphone.”

JKV Production & Technology Coordinator Nick Sconiers can be reached at (954) 784-4739 or email If you want to learn more about John Knox Village itself, call 954-783-4040 or click here for a free info kit.

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