Melissa Jill Clark, JKV Lifestyle and Aquatics Coordinator

For many of us, holidays are a time of laughter and cheer, but for some, they can also bring on stress and trigger emotions that are painful. Sometimes we hold onto pain and negative emotions that can rob us of our joy, and literally make us sick. This is when you should give yourself the precious gift of “letting go.”

Letting go of what does not serve you is one of the most powerful, profound and nurturing things you can possibly do for yourself.

We all go through difficult events and experience painful emotions throughout different periods of our lives. Many events can be downright traumatic. The trauma that we experience gets held in the tissues of our bodies, and in the hardwiring of our brain. We feel the effects of that pain in our heart, and in our soul.

Life Is A Gift

Life in and of itself is a gift, and if we hold on to destructive emotions, thoughts and stories in our head, they can literally block us from living the life we desire. These emotions, when clung to, are poison and will kill our joy and rob us of the precious gift of time that we have here on this earth.

We all have struggles and we are working our way through. All emotions are necessary and serve a purpose for a time. It’s when we are caught in the emotions that suffocate us, that we become immobilized in life. This is when we can feel as though we are trudging through from day to day. It is an absolute tragedy to live this way, struggling to survive when we are meant to live, to love and to thrive.

For many of us, feelings have been with us for so long that they become familiar and comfortable. In order to release what is holding us back, be brave enough to pass through the level of comfort, into the discomfort, to acknowledge these things that hold us back, to bless them, and to lovingly let them go.

I do private sessions with my clients and give them breathing and meditation exercises to implement into their lives in order to release stress and tension as it arises. I equip them with tools they can use to overcome the emotions that can be destructive to the happiness and joy we all desire to experience in our lives.

Here’s a great exercise that you can use any time you feel a negative emotion perpetually robbing you of your inner peace. I’m going to use “anxiety’ as an example, but you can use this to speak to any form of negative emotion or thought that should arise at any given time.

It is important to recognize that your thoughts are not you, and you are not your thoughts. Be aware of your thoughts. Observe them and recognize them for what they are, which is simply a thought that comes through and does NOT have to stay with you. Once you separate from your thoughts, you will not be controlled by them, and you will have power over them.

Overcome the anxiety blues and find happiness in life

Four Steps To Controlling Anxiety

If you are beginning to feel “anxiety,” acknowledge it and follow these four simple steps:

  1. Ah hello, I recognize you. You are “anxiety.”
  2. I recognize you, because I have felt you before.
  3. You did not serve me then, and you are not serving me now.
  4. Therefore, I choose to let you go.

Write these four steps down and use them as often as you need to let go of the emotions that do not serve you. You can use it to speak to any number of emotions that hinder you such as fear, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, inadequacy, and the list goes on. Plug your feelings into this exercise and you will be amazed at how well it works.

Letting go is truly a gift. Give yourself this precious gift during the holiday season to brighten your life and be ready to start your new year, feeling light and happy and free.

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