#1 Beacon Award & #1 Pinnacle Award For ‘Best In Wellness’

By Rob Seitz, contributor

In a nod to the obvious, 2020 was a challenging year…for everyone. A worldwide pandemic has a way of doing that. 

By March 2020, as COVID-19 was beginning to ravage the planet, the programming at John Knox Village shifted from large-group, closely held wellness, educational and entertaining events to one-on-one, small group or Zoom sessions.

“With the pandemic looming over us for much of 2020, we had to take a more personalized, one-on-one approach to wellness,” JKV Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer Monica McAfee said. “At JKV we incorporate the Seven Dimensions of Wellness [physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, environmental and occupational] in our programming across the campus.”

Shifting To Meet The Challenge

“Pivoting,” “flex-mode” and “all-hands-on-deck,” became JKV programming buzz words. For the JKV Life Enrichment, Meaningful Life, Fitness and Spiritual Life teams on whom programming of the Seven Dimensions of Wellness fall, that challenge was met, subdued and continues to be drubbed.

For the teams’ collective efforts in 2020, JKV was recognized by the prestigious International Council on Active Aging, with Number One ranking for both the ICAA NuStep Pinnacle Award for “Top 5 Best in Wellness” senior living communities in North America and NuStep Beacon Award for “Top 25 Best in Wellness.”

Best In Wellness

“We are incredibly proud to receive the first-place Pinnacle and Beacon Awards for best in wellness, especially since 2020 was such a challenging year,” said JKV President & CEO Gerry Stryker. “JKV prides itself in always staying relevant and forward-thinking for all of our 1,000 residents, so that each one continues to pursue purpose, stay active and engaged, with the security of being cared for today and in the future.”

The award was created as a joint effort between ICAA and NuStep, LLC, a major manufacturer of recumbent cross-trainers used in healthcare, senior living and fitness.

The ICAA is responsible for leading, connecting and defining the active-aging industry. CEO and Founder Colin Milner said, “Senior living communities have long been aware of how important wellness is for the health and well-being of its residents, but in recent years, wellness has evolved from being a programming option to becoming a way of life.”

This evolution is also reflected in a survey recently conducted by the ICAA in which it was found that 59 percent of senior living communities state their business model will be wellness-centered with care services by 2023, however John Knox Village has successively partnered with its residents and staff to create relevant, meaningful opportunities and inspire participants to improve their quality of life, added Milner.

“To be recognized by the ICAA and NuStep for first place in Wellness in North America is a tribute to our staff and residents alike who embrace this philosophy,” McAfee said.

“As the older adult population continues to grow and more individuals seek a better, longer life, where they choose to live is becoming increasingly important. How communities structure their wellness culture can have a significant effect on health and longevity. It is more than just practicing wellness; it’s about having it permeate all aspects of life. As winners of the Pinnacle and Beacon awards, JKV is leading the way.”

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