The winter and early spring months are an exciting time for South Florida residents and visitors. During February, our population reaches its peak, the weather is wonderful, and the events calendar is filled with interesting fairs, festivals and Green Markets from the Treasure Coast to the Keys.

Every weekend offers a new adventure and opportunity to discover everything South Florida has to offer. A great place to start your adventure is at one or more of the Green Markets you’ll find in city centers, on the streets and in the parks around the area. Most Green Markets are open on Saturday or Sunday mornings. A leisurely trip to one of them will result in a locally oriented shopping experience for direct-from-the-farm fruit and vegetables, organic eggs, honey, and a myriad of freshly baked breads and pastries or breakfast/lunch items from local restaurants. Basically, what you purchase on your Green Market visit is produce freshly picked yesterday and breads baked that morning.

The origin of Green Markets is traditional. Ever since Americans began their retreat from farms to urbanized society, farm-grown produce has been picked and shipped to the cities as quickly as possible. Chains of grocery stores made the distribution efficient and today we are literally only blocks from our neighborhood Publix, Winn Dixie or a few miles from organically sourced fruit and vegetables at Whole Foods or other specialty grocers.

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