Voice Magazine – FEBRUARY 2017 – Holiday Tour Lights Up The Village

John Knox Village Loves A Holiday Parade

The holidays are a special time everywhere, especially here at John Knox Village where our 33rd Annual Holiday Parade

worked its way from the starting point just east of the Auditorium around the entire campus, including a new route in front of the Woodlands for the enjoyment of our Elders there!

The parade included high school marching bands, Broward Sheriff’s motorcycle officers, horses, dancers, Santa, and participation from every JKV Department!!!

Also in this issue…

Gerry Stryker, Chief Executive Officer of John Knox Village writes about Establishing a culture of wellness at John Knox Village in Pompano Beach, Florida.

A Passion for Wellness by Rachel A. Sapoznik
Link to Rachel’s Book on Amazon

“The simplest way for people to take responsibility for, and control of, their health is through personal health assessments and biometric screenings. The value of these assessments and screenings, being conveniently provided on our campus through fitness professionals and practitioners, will let residents and employees privately see what their numbers are and understand where those numbers should be.

“The numbers are target ranges established by the medical community for a variety of conditions in the human body, i.e. cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure. A copy of Rachel’s resource “Making Sense of Your Biometric Numbers” will be available via our Fitness Professionals at the Village Centre or online via JKV’s website at (www.JohnKnoxVillage.com) [RESOURCE LINK HERE]”

Rachel was excited to learn about JKV and its upcoming 50th Anniversary in September. She is especially excited at how JKV can be an innovator in adopting Wellness across generations.

On that note she has provided us with a resource, “Differences between Generations in the Workplace,” which documents how vastly different our workforce is today. (Also available on our website and via our Fitness Professionals). [RESOURCE LINK HERE]

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