Gazette – May 2018 – ‘All Things Arts’ Celebrated

It was a festival for fashionistas when Ari Seth Cohen—the 30-something photographer—who has fashioned a career exploding stereotypes of seniors, brought his road show to Pompano Beach as part of John Knox Village’s week-long Second Annual ArtSage Alliance celebration...

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Village Voice – April 2018 – Spirit of JKV

Our John Knox Village Chapel has a lot of interesting history and I will relate what I know of its past. The first Village Chapel service was held in 1973 on the first floor of Cassels Tower, where the PNC Bank now resides. It was noted that they met monthly. As many...

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Gazette – April 2018 – Golden Anniversary Couples

White pillars bedecked with baby-blue bows formed an aisle winding through banquet tables crowded with friends on Feb. 6, as John Knox Village marked its 50 years by recognizing 15 couples from JKV and surrounding communities who also celebrated 50 years – of...

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Gazette – March 2018 – Celebrate Our 50th With Us

Fifty years ago, Dr. Mack R. Douglas, a minister from Margate, FL gathered a few friends and proposed to develop a retirement community for senior citizens. The plan called for the construction of a group of cottages to be leased to a senior individual or couple for...

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Gazette – February 2018 – Presidential Second Acts

On Monday the 19th, we celebrate Presidents’ Day. We are aware of the high points of their lives as Commanders in Chief, but what do they do during and after their four or eight-year terms in office to relieve their stress? Being among the most powerful people in the...

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Gazette – January 2018 – Celebration of ‘A Dream’

Martin Luther King Jr. was born Jan. 15, 1929 in Atlanta, GA. His father and grandfather were both active in the Baptist ministry. King earned his own Bachelor of Divinity degree in 1951 and his Doctor of Philosophy from Boston University in 1955. While in Boston, he...

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Love Stories Close To Home

Proof Positive There Is Always Time To Fall In Love By: Marty Lee Love is not limited by time. For some John Knox Village residents, formerly single due to the passing of a spouse, there is a new life in love regardless of age. Everyone enjoys a good love story...

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